Saturday, September 12, 2009

Arrggghhh Bosan tul ler..semalam actually ada buka puasa gathering with my friend from LMC FT & ex LMCs.In early plan this occassion supposed to be attend by Me,Raja yahya,Azdham Aziz(Aji), Awie,Zalina(zaza), Fadzlina(Kelenban/Ms Cat..katik ha ha ha ),Sharif,Liza and azdham Aziz as an organizer.Unfortunately Azdham Aziz can't make it at last minute due to heavy traffic jammed...emmm i think he supposed can predict that its always a heavy traffic jammed at his office area (Maybank Bkt Bintang) & move early.

However i not going to tell about the organizer who cannot make it to his own occasion but my accident which happened on the way to the gathering@Bangsar from my office. If i'm not mistaken i move out from my office as early as 5.30pm (even i know my office & the location for gathering is not too far & to ensure i reach there before Azan Maghrib.When i reached at JKL i started fell do sleepy & i'm not experience this before. Yes before i do admitted that i face an experience when driving i'm fell sleepy but this feeling & not like what i felt before. There NO signal like always when you feel sleepy its start by

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